Helping the Community

Originally published February 22, 2011


McNear’s Mystic Theatre is calling out to our music-loving patrons, to help give much needed assistance to some of our local community non-profits. We have added a $1 “Community Fee” to the price of each ticket and are distributing 100% of the proceeds to these worthy organizations.


We realize money is tight for everyone, and the Mystic extends a gracious and heartfelt shout-out to all of our patrons for making this small contribution to help the community we live in.


Since this is your money, we feel very strongly that we remain transparent and accountable for letting you know where your money is going! Below is a list of organizations we have donate to so far.


As you can expect, we have an added interest in funding music programs in the area. The list of instruments is long for Petaluma schools so we will be working our way down the priority list that the schools gave us. First on the list is saxophones!


If you, or anyone you know, happens to have one stashed in a closet or garage, and you would be willing to sell it for a reasonable price (or better yet, donate it!), please contact Ken at 707-765-2121.


2016 Donations

1/2/16 Donors Choice
1/11/16 Food Drive 2015 Winner
1/11/16 Petaluma Little League
1/12/16 Food Drive 2015 Winner
1/12/16 Spring Hill School
1/15/16 Make A Wish
1/29/16 Habit For Humanity
1/29/16 Race For Kids
1/29/16 Petaluma Foot Race
2/5/16 Crab Feed
2/5/16 PHS Cheer
2/5/16 COTS
2/10/16 Valley Vista Elementery
2/10/16 PEP Housing
2/10/16 McNear Elementery
2/10/16 Petaluma Mother's Club
2/10/16 North Bay Dairy Women
2/21/16 Petaluma Valley Little League
2/29/16 Candy Machine
4/5/16 Petaluma Leghorns Baseball Cliub
4/18/16 Lincoln Emementary
4/18/16 Relay For Life
5/3/16 PEP Housing
5/5/16 MDA Association
5/5/16 COTS
5/5/16 Alzheimers
5/5/16 Shriner's Hospital
5/5/16 Make a Wish Foundation
5/5/16 American Cancer Society
5/5/16 Habitat For Humanity
5/5/16 Redwood Empire Food Bank
5/5/16 Petaluma Lacrosse
5/5/16 Petaluma Lacrosse
5/6/16 Petaluma Music Festival
5/24/16 Alana Murphy
5/24/16 McNears Gift Card
5/24/16 McNears Gift Card
6/10/16 Wounded Warrior Project
6/10/16 UCSF Children's Hospitals
6/10/16 Shriner's Hospital
6/10/16 National Parks
6/10/16 Habitat For Humanity
6/10/16 San Antionio Fire Dept.
6/10/16 San Antionio Fire Dept.
6/28/16 Alzheimer's Association
6/28/16 Muscular Dystrophy
6/28/16 Multiple Sclerosis
6/28/16 Salvation Army
6/28/16 Paralyzed Veterans Donation
6/28/16 PEP Housing
6/28/16 Habitat For Humanity
6/28/16 Boys&Girls Club
7/21/16 Wilmar Fire Dept.
7/21/16 Wilmar Fire Dept.
7/31/16 Doctors Without Borders
7/31/16 Salvation Army
7/31/16 Wounded Warriors
7/31/16 Habitat For Humanity
7/31/16 Shriner's Hospital
7/31/16 Shakespeare Company
7/31/16 Smile Train
7/31/16 Green Peace
7/31/16 Leukemia Society
8/5/16 Chess For Kids
8/5/16 Yosemite Conservancy
8/5/16 National Parks
8/5/16 American Cancer Society
8/5/16 Athletic Edge
8/9/16 McNears Pay Back (Bike MS Donation)
8/10/16 McNears Pay Back (PHS Band Camp Donation)
8/13/16 Rotary Golf Tournament
9/19/16 SRJC Baseball
9/22/16 Petaluma Animal Shelter
9/29/16 PHS T-Shirt Square
10/14/16 River Montessory School
10/14/16 Habitat For Humanity
10/14/16 Wounded Warrior Project
10/14/16 Valley Vista Elementery
10/14/16 Toys For Tots
10/14/16 Petaluma Panthers
10/14/16 Boys & Girls Club
10/14/16 Feed The Children
10/14/16 St. Jude Hospital
10/14/16 Salvation Army
10/14/16 Doctors Without Borders
10/14/16 March of Dimes
10/14/16 National Parks
10/14/16 Leukemia Lymphoma Society
10/14/16 Make a Wish
10/14/16 Smile Train
10/14/16 Boys Town
10/14/16 COTS
10/14/16 Redwood Empire Food Bank
10/14/16 Shriner's Hospital
10/14/16 Two Rock Elementery
10/14/16 Two Rock Elementery
10/14/16 PHS Marine Science
11/1/16 Athletic Edge
11/22/16 SRJC Econ. Club
12/5/16 Petaluma Volunteers
12/8/16 PHS Band Fundraiser
12/9/16 Grant Elementery School
12/9/16 Spring Hill Elemetery
12/9/16 Petaluma Little Leauge
12/10/16 Oakland Fire Victims
12/22/2016 SYSCO Foods
12/23/16 COTS
12/23/16 Salvation Army
12/23/16 Doctors Without Borders
12/23/16 UCSF Children's Foundation
12/23/16 Redwood Empire Food Bank
12/26/16 Alzheimers Association
12/26/16 St. Jude's Children's Hospital
12/26/16 PEP Housing
12/26/16 Paralyzed Veterens
12/26/16 Shriner's Hospital
12/26/16 Make A Wish
12/28/16 Make A Wish
12/28/16 Sonoma Mountain Elementery 


Total Donated in 2016:   $ 27,763.36
Thank you for all of your help with this!!

Community fee update: 1/3/17