Helping the Community

McNear’s Mystic Theatre is calling out to our music-loving patrons, to help give much needed assistance to some of our local community non-profits. We have added a $1 “Community Fee” to the price of each ticket and are distributing 100% of the proceeds to these worthy organizations.

We realize money is tight for everyone, and the Mystic extends a gracious and heartfelt shout-out to all of our patrons for making this small contribution to help the community we live in.

Since this is your money, we feel very strongly that we remain transparent and accountable for letting you know where your money is going! Below is a list of organizations we have donate to so far.

As you can expect, we have an added interest in funding music programs in the area. The list of instruments is long for Petaluma schools so we will be working our way down the priority list that the schools gave us. First on the list is saxophones!

If you, or anyone you know, happens to have one stashed in a closet or garage, and you would be willing to sell it for a reasonable price, please contact Ken at 707-765-2121.

View the 2011 Donation List here
View the 2012 Donation List here
View the 2013 Donation List here

2014 Donations

1/16/14 Cinnabar Theatre  $       600.00
1/20/14 Habitat for Humanity  $       300.00
1/20/14 The Salvation Army  $       100.00
1/20/14 Chicken & Cow Productions  $       375.00
1/20/14 Paralyzed Vetrans of America  $       150.00
1/20/14 Petaluma Ag/FFA Boosters  $       160.00
1/20/14 Petaluma People Service Center  $       300.00
1/20/14 United Cerebral Plasy of the North Bay  $       250.00
1/20/14 Muscular Dystrophy Assoc.  $       200.00
1/20/14 Special Olympics  $       200.00
1/20/14 Petaluma National Little League  $       400.00
1/21/14 Valley Vista Elementary School PTA  $       100.00
1/21/14 Valley Vista Elementary School PTA  $       100.00
1/21/14 River Montessori Foundation  $         50.00
1/21/14 Petaluma Ag. Department  $       100.00
January Total  $     3,385.00

Thank you Mystic Theatre Patrons for your support!

Community fee update: 12/17/12

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